Mr. Zombie

Amateur Writer.


Hello, My name is Mr. Zombie... I know It's not actually my real name. I love zombie movies, such as Shaun of the dead, Zombie land, 28 days later, and many more that I couldn't remember. That's why I pick that name.

I also love anime, Ben-to, Overlord, I'm trying to think of another anime I like, but nothing comes to mind, sigh.

What I do: I write original fiction, I'm still fairly new at this and trying to experiment with different genres, but I find myself writing more about romance and action. I already finish two fiction and working on another one. Two of the fiction I finished have their own flaw, but I'm proud of it. It shows my commitment to this!! With my current skill, I know that I'm not at the level of a professional, but I plan to get better and to get an editor. That's why I created this Patreon, money goes to the editor and artist for character sketch, and also maybe one day, this could be my full-time job. So if you want to donate to show some support, go on ahead, but if you don't, don't worry, my work will still be free, and no early chapter thing for now.

It may be weird, but I don't write any zombie fiction even though My name is Mr. Zombie. Yet.


Currently, I only post at RoyalRoadl and Scribblehub
Link is below: